Turf - Areas

A visual representation of the excellent GPS game, Turf.


The turf zones are expanded to fill the whole map. Each player is assigned a color based on the players name. Each zone takes the color of its owner. Borders are drawn between zones that have different owners. This way we get a map that represents the players areas of ownership, or Area of Influence.


Turf Areas shows a live representation of the game, players are visible as they play and the map is updated when a zone is taken. As you move the mouse over the zones on the map, a zone info tab shows information for the current zone. You can click on a player or on a zone marker to select that player. The zones of the selected player are highlighted with extra thick borders.

Keep in touch

Follow Turf Areas on Twitter to keep track of updates or come with suggestions or shouts of encouragement (or complaints if you must)


Made by Sarastro (Mattias B├Ącklund)

The source code is avaliable on github, where you can also report issues or come with feature requests